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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No, you can't get my number. And what exactly are you up to?

So I went to the mall after work today. My knee has still been kinda sore, so I figured skipping the gym for another day wouldn't hurt. bsom needed to drop off a macbook pro at the apple store, and I had nothing better to do and a fondness for mall chicken terriyaki, so I went with him. Dropped off the macbook, made a quick stop in Tevana so bsom could grab a stupidly overpriced ice tea and I could puzzle that anyone would spend $400 on a teapot (mine was $7, and has an electrical plug), then hit Sarku for dinner.

So we're sitting in the food court, finishing dinner, when a girl walks up to our table . She's short, brown - probably Indian, with a nose stud. I'm a horrible judge of age, but I would guess upper teens. She asks "excuse me, can I get your number?"

After a few seconds of shock, bsom goes "my number?" and she goes "ya". bsom then goes "no, I'm married" and holds up his ring. So she turns to me and asks me the same question, and I go "no". After a few more seconds, she goes "fine" and stomps off.

Of course, after the fact, I thought of a number of better responses than no:

-no. can I have your number.
-sure. 42.
-no. can I take your picture?

When we left, I noticed she was with a group of other teens, mostly girls. I'm guessing it was probably something pretty simple, like a bet that she could collect a certain number of numbers. Either that, or telemarketers have gone low-tech to get around the "do not call" list. But it was still pretty creepy.

Neither bsom nor I are the kind of people who get asked for numbers - especially not me. So I'm sure there was some ulterior motive.


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