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Saturday, April 04, 2009

iLove my new iPhone

For the last year plus, I've been telling pretty much everyone I know how much I want an iPhone. Well, my pleas finally reached someone at work important enough to give the OK, so on Wednesday I became the proud user of a 16gb iPhone 3g in black.

The iPhone replaces my previous smartphone, a Verizion (HTC) VX6700 Windows Mobile phone. The VX was problematic - it would freeze pretty regularly. I would sometimes have trouble answering phone calls - I'd hit answer and nothing would happen. It's tiny internal memory ran out a few months ago and I stopped getting emails. It would randomly decide to lose all it's sounds unless I rebooted it.

Compared to the VX - with it's fold-out keyboard - the iPhone is tiny and elegant. I don't feel like I'm carrying a brick in my pocket. I haven't had it long enough to say how well it works - I loved the VX at first - but so far it's been smooth. It's intuitive and easy to use. It has lots of cool features. Web browsing seems somewhat better than the VX. Exchange integration works well, as does gmail - although I can't say how the VX would have done with exchange, since we are currently in the process of migrating people - my account was only moved last week. I can actually easily bring up the camera - on my VX, it involved multiple buttons instead of just hitting the camera icon on the iPhone.

I plan on using the hell out of the iPhone - web browsing, email, phone calls, maybe download a few games. One thing I probably won't use it for, though, is music - I already have an iPod Classic 80 gig refurb that I use for music. I like it because while it's nice, it's sturdy enough to stand up to gym use. While I'd hate to see anything happen to it, it would still be preferable to the world of hurt I would be in if I broke my work-owned iPhone, thus preventing my boss from calling me every morning to see how late I'm going to be to work, or to ask me a question I've already answered.


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