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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A hamfest and a Relay...

So yesterday contained two events at opposite ends of the day.

In the morning was the Timonium Hamfest. I don't sell at that one, so I just went to shop. bsom and a couple other people went with me. I woke up at 5am, and we got there right at 6am. Unfortunately, very few other people did, because it was pouring down rain. We walked around to the few hardy vendors who had tents set up, then retreated to the car for a while. Finally around 7am the rain stopped, and vendors started unpacking. It was dry most of the day, although it did start raining later on. It was definitely smaller than previous years, but there still was a lot of good stuff to be had. And some not-so-good stuff.

My purchase list:
- Panasonic voice recorder - $20 (sells on eBay for ~$100)
- Pyramid time clock - $20 - (sells on eBay for $50 - $150)
- Nintendo N64 controller - $1 - (to go with a controller-less n64 I bought a while ago)
- HP Jetdirect card - $1 - (goes for about $10 on eBay)
- Toshiba Portege tablet PC - Centrino core duo, dvd burner, Vista Tablet Edition, ect - $110 - person I bought it from claimed it worked. It doesn't. First time I turned it on I got distorted video. After that, I got nothing. Will have bsom take a look
- Motorola ruggedized laptop - $40 - turns on, no video. Another future bsom project.
- Docking station for a Mac G4 Powerbook - $5 - not sure why I bought this.

Got home a little after 1pm. Took a nap, woke up, ate some dinner, and drove to work. It was our Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. (btw, if you want to donate, click here). I was already kind of tired and groggy and sore from spending 6 hours walking around the fairgrounds. Walking around a track set up in a college gym didn't make me feel much better, especially after the rather depressing memorial to people who died from cancer. We didn't have as big a turnout as past years from our department, so most of the people I usually hang out and talk to weren't there. Still, I raised some money for a good cause, got a free t-shirt that's only slightly too big, and got to look good to our CIO, who was there - so I'm glad I went. By around 11:30, a few other members of our department had bailed, and my legs were killing me, so I bailed. Went home, fed the cat, checked my email, and went to sleep for 9 hours.

I'm still kind of sore and groggy today, but I still was able to make it to church, did my normal gym workout, and went grocery shopping, so I'm not too bad, even though I feel like I'm screwed up my internal body clock something fierce.


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