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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Closet of death was right on...

Most of the time, I think I live a decent life. I was born at the right time - when people live longer than ever by decades, when technology lets people do things they only dreamed of a few years ago. While there are a few areas in my life that could be better - social, dating, appearance, ect, I'm doing OK.

But then sometimes shit happens to me that I'm pretty sure doesn't happen to anyone else I know. The recurring problems with my car, from getting the wheels stolen a 5 weeks after buying it, to the elctrical problems, are an example.

And then there is what just happened

An hour or so ago, I wrote a post describing my day, and refered to my closet as the "closet of death" becasue it was such a mess. I rearranged it, and one of things I did was stick a couple 12-packs of soda onto the top shelf of the closet.

When I say "top shelf", I mean that the closet has (well, had) a wire shelf with hangars on the bottom attached to the wall. I've stored a bunch of stuff up there, but mostly empty boxes from electronics I own. I also have (had) a bunch of clothing hanging on it - out of season stuff like short sleeve shirts, old jackets, and stuff I don't wear much, like a suit or sweater vests.

Well, I'm chilling in my room, reading the CompUSA sales circular, and I hear a crash. Shit, I figure that one of the cases of soda must have fallen off the shelf.

Nope, I wish it was that simple. The whole shelf pullled off the wall. From my acccident reconstruction guestimate, the soda was heavy enough to pull one of the supports from out the wall. Once that happened, the perfect storm followed - the force of the shelf pulling out, combined with the weight of the clothes hanging on it, broke the hooks that the top of the shelf rest on, and the weight of it falling pulled bent the bottom of the supports.

I was hoping that there would be enough that I could put it back up, but all the supports are bent, most of the hooks that hold the top part are broken, and half the supports are out of the wall. I don't really know what to do. My landlord is in Brazil right now, but comes back in a couple weeks and will probably flip out. And I had to pile all the clothes on the futon in the common area, which probably won't make my roomate too thrilled when he gets back - but I don't know where else to put them.



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