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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I drove 4 hours, only to get pulled over 30 seconds from my parent's house...

So I drove up from Baltimore to NJ today to spend the holiday weekend with my parents. I took today off, and spent this morning sleeping a little later than normal, getting a haircut, finishing packing, and making sure Nibbler had enough food and clean litter to make it until bsom checks in on her tomorrow.

I left Baltimore around noon. I go the "back" way - I-83 to I-81 to I-78. It drops me right near my parent's central NJ house. Depending on traffic, it probably takes me longer than if I went the tradition way up 95, but I've been going this way for years - I know all the stops, I kind of like the scenery, and it saves me on tolls.

The drive was for the most part uneventful - traffic was heavy, but moved. I was lucky - there was a major accident on I-83 South - a truck turned over near exit 25 in York that had the road closed - but luckily it didn't affect northbound traffic.

So I'm right near my parent's house, coming off the Somerville Circle on RT 202. I get off the jughandle, and there is a stop sign at the end. I'm making a right, and I slow down. There is nobody coming up the road, and there is a green light on 202, meaning nobody is coming up First Avenue since they would have to get through 4 lanes of traffic. I pull onto first ave, notice a cop car in the parking lot of a senior center. Check my speedo, and I'm doing well under the limit. He starts moving, but I figure it's just a coincidence. He's behind me, and I get to my parent's street, turn on my signal. He gets behind me and turns on his. Uhh-oh. I turn, he turns and puts on his lights. Shit.

Now, keep in mind I am literally one house down from my parent's house when he pulled me over. He asks me for license, registration, insurance. I hand it to him, and he asks me if I live here now. I tell him no, I'm visiting my parents, who live right there - pointing to their house. He takes my stuff, and I call my dad while he's running it - he comes out and waves.

Luckily, he let me go with a warning. Yes, I should have come to a complete stop, but I knew nothing was coming. It is kind of funny that I made it from Baltimore to NJ only to get pulled over 30 feet from the 'rent's house.

Well, at least I get a few days to relax, eat good food, and not think about work. I also have my 10 year high school reunion this Friday. I'm not really sure what to expect, so I'm partly looking forward to it and partly anxious about it.


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