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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

long day...

I knew this day was not going to go well when I started my drive to work and noticed traffic backed up on Druid Hill Lake Park Street Drive Avenue or whatever it's called. Got to the exit ramp to get on 83 north and noticed it was backed all the way up and 83 was stopped. Luckily I noticed in time to avoid it, and took Keswick all the way to work. Unfortunatly, that pretty much doubled my commute time.

I was almost to work when my boss chirped me on my Nextel Blackberry:

Boss: Where are you?

MadA: Almost there. Big accident on 83 North- I had to take the back way.

Boss: You picked the wrong day to be running late. We're catching hell...

See, today was the day that my employer decided to change their password policy to sync password and enforce certain rules (you know, so your password can't be set to, say, "password"). We are a fairly small college, but we also let alumni keep their accounts. That works out to something like 25,000 accounts. That's a lot of people who couldn't log in.

Even though I've been working in desktop support for the last 6 weeks, I was called back onto phones - and asked to work thru lunch, stay late, and come in early tomorrow. Which is good, because I could use the money, especially since I recently discover that I now owe the state of Maryland something like $1000 for taxes because HR for reasons I don't understand decided to not deduct a whole bunch of money that should have been deducted from my paychecks. But it's bad, because I worked a 13 hour day and feel like crap,

Adding to the crappyness I feel is the ten million calories and 3 gallons of soda I've consumed - bagels for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and chinese food for dinner. Which means instead of going to the gym after work, Mad Anthony was at work shoveling takeout pork Lo Mein down his throat. There is something about being stuck at work surrounded by free food that makes you wolf down that 4th piece of pizza even though your stomach hurts. I don't know why.

So I'm off to bed, since I need to be at work in less than 8 hours...


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