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Monday, July 13, 2009

A not very spontaneous post...

I use a couple online dating sites, one of which has a number of premade questions that users can send potential matches. One of them - and one that I've been asked a number of times - is "what is the most spontaneous thing that you've ever done"". I always struggle with this one, because about the only thing I can come up with is adopting my possibly insane cat - I had no plans to get a cat, but how can you say no to a napping kitten on your lap that needs a home? (I actually asked a woman this, and she actually said "I'm going to punt on this one". I really hope I can meet her in person, because she sounds like my kind of girl).

I'm not spontaneous. I'm the exact opposite. I plan things to the 9th degree. My days tend to be structured, even my weekends, to the point that if someone calls me and wants me to do something out of the ordinary, it pretty much confuses me. Part of this is there are certain things I do, like going to the gym, that have to be done within certain windows of time, so I have limited flexibility to move things around. Part of it is that it gives me a sense of control. Part of it may be that I'm just completely boring and uninteresting and unimaginative.

But the reality is, if I look at the things in my life that I'm most proud of, that I most view as accomplishments, they are usually things that took a bunch of planning, things where I set a goal, figured out what I needed to do to achieve that goal, monitored my progress. Things like getting my MBA, losing 100 pounds, or buying a house. None were spontaneous, but all were successful - well, the house thing is debatable given the market, but you know what I mean.

So if I'm looking for an ideal mate, someone spontaneous is pretty much the opposite of what I want. I want a woman who plans ahead, who makes choices based on thought and reasoning, not on emotion. Spontaneous might be fun when you are 18, but when you are 28 I'll take rational and capable of thinking in advance any day.


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