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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I need an e-bay-cation...

I've been an eBay machine for the last couple months. Over the last two months, I've sold 56 items for a total of $2,032.16.

So I think it's time that I take a break. I've got 3 auctions that end tomorrow. After that, I plan on not listing anything until Memorial Day.

Part of this is that I'm running low on inventory. Of the 11 video game systems I bought at auction a couple months ago, I'm down to one that ends tomorrow. I've sorted through my "contents of shelves" auctions, gotten most of the good stuff described, listed, and shipped off to mostly satisfied customers, and pocketed a few bucks.

Now, I still have some stuff - a couple modems, some toner cartridges, a bunch of laptop power supplies and docking stations - and those will be going up in a few weeks. I'm sure I'll find some more deals that will go up as well. I'm also hoping to get a few items that have been sitting around the house fixed, described, and listed (and maybe convince bsom to fix a few more items...). I'm eager to get some junk out of my house and some money into my bank account.

But I'm also tired. The problem with selling a lot of used equipment, like I've been doing, is that it's a lot more work than selling the new-in-box stuff I used to sell back when rebates and clearance were easy picking. With NIB stuff, I can just copy the description off the box, take 2 pictures, and throw it in a box. With used items, I have to test it, take tons of pics to document descriptions, write a careful description, and pack it carefully in a ton of bubble wrap - I've gone through several hundred feet of the bubbly stuff in the last few months, and I don't mean champagne. And then I need to hope it actually did work - I've had to refund two sales, one an item I couldn't test and the other one that tested OK for me, but that I believed the buyer that it didn't work based on where I bought it.

And then there are the ridiculous buyers - I got an email today from a buyer demanding I cut the flat-rate shipping on an auction she won in half - on a brand-new in box toner cartridge that sold for a whopping $1.25. Shit, I'm not going to lose money when I could have taken the damn thing to Staples and gotten a $3 coupon for it. I nicely told her to go to hell, and haven't gotten a response yet. I'm hoping she doesn't destroy my 100% feedback, but I know it can't last forever.

And I'm realizing how much of my time is going to eBay. Last night, I came home from an occasional game night with friends around 11:15. I was then up until 1:30, mostly doing eBay stuff - emailing, packing, ect. Now, it's not like I have a whole lot of better alternatives for my weeknights (I mean, besides bar trivia), but it would be nice to relax. It doesn't help that work has been crazy of late thanks to our current AD migration project, so it would be nice to have some time to relax at home instead of having another job.

I'll still be putting time in for the next few weeks - new descriptions and pics, shipping the last few items - but I'm not planning on listing anything. Plus, I have a Hamfest Memorial Day Weekend (praying for good weather...), so hopefully I'll make some more money there, get rid of items that are too big or low-value to eBay (including my $5 file servers).

And nobody will complain about my shipping charges.


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