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Saturday, April 05, 2008

We need a cat vomit cleanup in isle 1...

A few months ago, I was talking to bsom and he mentioned how often his two cats throw up. I proudly commented that my cat, Nibbler, had never thrown up. And that was true... until today.

I was gone this morning getting new brakes installed on the Danger Ranger. I came back, ate, did some other stuff, and was about to leave to run some errands when I noticed something at the base of my stairs. A closer look revealed it to be vomit - including a piece of rubber band. I'm constantly taking rubber bands away from the little furball, and she managed to find one and swallow part of it - I found the rest of it a little further away, not surrounded by vomit.

So when I went to Target, I picked up carpet cleaner as well. Which is good, because when I got back home, I discovered several more patches of vomit throughout the house - in my bedroom, in the family room where her litterbox and food is, and later under the coffee table in the living room. Of course, she managed to throw up only in places that have carpet, not on the easier-to-clean hardwood, slate, or concrete.

I guess I'm lucky - if the piece of rubber band had gotten further into her digestive system, I'd probably be looking at a dead cat instead of a vomiting one. I haven't noticed any new vomit (at least not in places I had previously observed to be vomit-free), and she's acting like her normal self, running around and trying to eat my dinner, so I think she's OK, but I'll keep an eye on her.

And an eye out for rubber bands.


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