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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why I didn't bother voting today....

I've never lived in a state where anyone cared about the primary before. Today was Maryland's primary, and I didn't bother voting, even though the Chesapeake primaries have gotten quite a bit of attention.

I'm a registered Republican, so the Hillary/Obama thing that has most people excited was of no use to me. I was a legal Maryland resident 4 years ago, but it was obvious Bush was going to be the nominee. Before that, I was a legal NJ resident, and at the time NJ had their primary in, like, June - they since have moved it to super Tuesday.

Every candidate on the Republican side that I could get behind quit. My first choice was Fred Thompson - he was the closest thing to a traditional Regan Republican, plus I'm a huge Law and Order fan. People complained that he was not an active campaigner, but as a fan of small government my ideal president is someone who doesn't do stuff. When he quit, I talked myself into Guliani - I figured he had a good chance of crossover appeal, was the kind of tough, crisis tested guy I would want if shit went down, and I didn't mind most of his socially liberal positions, as long as he was fiscally conservative and tough on terrorism. Then he quit.

I hadn't yet talked myself into supporting Romney - his whole universal healthcare in Massachusetts thing rubbed me the wrong way - before he dropped out.

So the belief is that McCain will be the nominee. Not my first choice, but I guess I can live with him. He does strike me as tough on terrorism. He's gotten criticism for being too pro-immigration, but I actually don't mind that - and I think it would be tough for an anti-immigration candidate to win the general election, because it would cost him the Hispanic vote. A few comments McCain made about Romney came off as anti-business to me, and McCain Fiengold rubs me the wrong way - I think that cutting money to campaigns is a free-speech violation - but you go to the election with the candidate you have, not the candidate you want.

The one thing that I like about McCain is that he's someone I disagree with on some issues, while Huckabee and Paul are both people I regard as raving nutjobs. Huckabee's fair tax idea is horrible, he's socially conservative - an area I don't really care about much, he campaigns as a populist (I'm the guy you work with, not the guy who laid you off) and a few of his comments on smoking and weight loss make me think he's a nanny stater. As far as Paul, I hate his isolationist and blame-America-first views on foreign policy, his desire to return to the gold standard, and the fact that many of his supporters seem to be a few lights shy of a Christmas tree.

So I thought about voting today, just to send a message that I didn't like Huckabee or Paul. Originally, it looked like I wouldn't have time - I was scheduled to work overtime, so I would have worked until 10pm, too late to vote (I have enough trouble getting to work on time without trying to vote before work). I ended up getting out of work early, thanks to an ice storm, but decided to come home and check on the newly-spayed cat and take a nap rather than brave the icy roads of Baltimore County.

So if Huckabee becomes VP, I guess it will be all my fault. Sorry.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger tralatrala said...

difference b/t republican and democrat...i made my way through the ice to vote, because this is the first primary that i've given two craps about since i've been old enough to vote. most of the time it's a gimme before we get the chance to vote...but not this time!


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