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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh, shoot...

Well, I went shooting on Wednesday. It was only the second time I've ever gone shooting, and obviously I need a little work.

It was a very different experience from the last time I went shooting. This time, instead of using a coworker's gun and sharing a lane with them, I had my own lane and rented a Sig Arms Mosquito .22. The last time was like going on a driver's test. This was more like having my own car - I got some basic how to load the gun tips from my coworkers, but other than that I was pretty much on my own.

Which was fun. Shooting is a pretty good stress reliever, and an enjoyable way to spend some time.. The Sig was a pretty nice gun - small, light, pretty easy to handle, and .22 ammo is pretty cheap.

Although my finances being as they are, I can't afford to do it too often, and I would have a hard time justifying buying a gun of my own.


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