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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So not cool...

Last year, just after buying my townhouse, I discovered that my air conditioner leaked. I tried to run it sparingly last year, and held off on having carpet put in the hallway where the water was flowing.

I had bsom's fiance's cousin look at it, and he suspected that it was because the inside air exchanger was rated at 10 seer, while the part outside was rated 13. He felt it was too big a job for him to take on, though.

So I set aside my tax refund and finally called an AC place this week. Verdict - he was right, and I need a new air exchanger. Which will set me back $2475.

So friday I'm off from work and instead will be having this done. It will be nice not to have a leaking AC, and to finally get carpet in the hallway. But replacing an air conditioner isn't a very fun home improvement project - you spend a bunch of money just to get to baseline, to where you thought you would be in the first place - with a functioning air conditioner. It's not like adding a deck or something that you can see and enjoy.

As my old landlord liked to say, the joys of home ownership are unending.


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