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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm only happy when it rains....

I've been pretty busy the last couple weeks. Two hamfests, a bunch of overtime, class, homework, eBay, ect have left me with a long list of things to do and no time to do them.

I have a bunch of errands that I need to do and haven't gotten a chance to do (run to the bank, activate my BJ's membership (it's a wholesale club - not nearly as fun as it sounds), ect). I have a stack of furniture at home that I need to assemble. I have a junkyard taillight bought off of eBay that I need to install on my truck after an unfortunate incident at work - evidently, objects in the rearview mirror, such as concrete walls, really are closer than they appear.

Some of these have been put off due to time sensitivity - my credit union has very limited hours, and I can't easily replace the taillight while it's dark outside, which seems to be most of the time that I'm not at work. But some of it is just lack of time.

I also have a stack of books I've started but haven't finished, and about 50 hours worth of shows on my RePlayTV DVR that I haven't gotten to watch - I have to keep going in and deleting stuff so it doesn't record over stuff I want to watch.

Work has been hectic too - people out sick, plus a virus that took out a bunch of machines, which were a bit of a challenge to track down (the high point of last week was finding one of the machines, and discovering that it was pentium 2 running NT 4.0).

But the thing is that I like being busy. When I'm not busy, I tend to spend time doing one of three things 1) eating 2) buying stuff or 3) thinking. Obviously eating doesn't help when you are trying to lose/maintain weight, buying stuff is generally bad unless I can resell it at a profit, and thinking isn't nearly as good as it seems. While I'll occasinally get good ideas (often in the shower, and I'm sure you are greatful that I just put the thought of a wet, naked MadAnthony in your head), I also tend to find myself either regretting decisions that I've made in the past or thinking about things I'm currently unhappy about about myself (being single, being a little fatter and a lot less muscled than I'd like, being as hairy as a wookie).

When I have more things to do than I have time, I don't have time to regret, to think, to worry - I'm too focused on getting stuff done. I'm not sure that's a good thing - it would be nice to have the time to stop, think, and be happy rather than just dealing with the day to day grind. But at least I have a sense of accomplishment when I get things done/accomplished.

I'll be finishing up my MBA in a few months. The college I works for offers a couple other grad programs I can do for free, including one in liberal studies. I was thinking of doing it in a few years - I figure it's a good way to meet new people and read the kinds of books I should read but don't. I'm starting to wonder if I should start it in the fall instead of waiting a year or two, just so I keep busy. Part of me wants to take some time off, read some books, do some work around the house (if I can without nailing my thumb to the wall), sleep, spend more time at the gym. But part of me wonders if I should jump in as soon as possible, just to keep busy and keep my mind occupied, keep my time occupied so I don't start drifting off into thought again...


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