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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Of couches and air conditioners...

Well, the carpet people came yesterday to carpet the new Casa De Mad. I have to say that I kept asking myself before the carpet was laid down if it was really worth spending enough to buy a cheap used car just to put down carpet - after all, the carpet in my house wasn't THAT bad - I mean, there were parts that weren't worn all the way down, and with poop brown carpet I could, well, poop on it and nobody would know.

But I have to say I'm impressed. It looks like a whole new house. Of course, I do still have one hallway that isn't carpeted, since my air conditioner is still hemoraging water. BSOM knows a friend of a friend who thinks that it may just be a matter of letting the ice melt by running it with just the fan on and then changing the filter. It could also be a broken condenser or a lack of freon or something more serious, but obviously I want to try just letting the air conditioner run. Which would be good, because it wouldn't cost me anything, but it means I won't have air conditioning until it's melted.

I also bought a couch. Ikea has this nifty thing on the bottom floor by the checkouts called the "as-is" department. It's basically customer returns, scratch-and-dents, and display models. I found a chair for $5, and more importantly, a couch for $115 (it was $400, marked down to $225 because of some stains, and then they had 50% off all as-is couches). It's the kind you put a cover on anyway, so the stains weren't a big deal. The cover cost more than the couch, but it looks pretty good. It's green, to match my, umm, "Summer Rapture" walls.

Getting it into the house was an experience. I was able to get it into the PT Cruiser with the hatch open, and living 3 blocks from Ikea is very convinient. I'm not known for my upper body strength though, plus I'm short, and it was raining. BSOM was helping me carry it in, but I kept dropping it. There is a family - an elderly couple and their adult son -that live 2 houses down from the new place . I think they may be Russian. The first thing they said to me when I started moving stuff into the house last week was "no speak english". The guy comes running outside, basically pushes me aside and carries the couch in. I wish I knew his language so I could thank him better.

So now I have a couch, but no AC. I also have 3 more days before I'm actually moved in and sleeping there - the movers are scheduled for Monday. I'm going to have a very busy weekend - I'm working tomorrow, I'm going to an auction on Sunday (and probably the preview on Friday night) and I still need to take down my computer, TV/Stereo and pack some stuff. Sometime.


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