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Saturday, June 17, 2006

More organic food? No thanks...

Walmart is making an effort to sell more organic food, and King Banion's wife thinks it's healthier.

King mentions being an avid Trader Joe's customer, and I admit to shopping there. They have a lot of good food, their prices are pretty competitive with that of normal grocery stores, and they have a lot of pre-cooked convinience food that is great for a busy single guy who doesn't have much of a kitchen - plus really good cookies.

I could care less about the organic aspect, though. I'll buy organic products if they are tasty and reasonably priced, but I don't make an effort to buy organic - and sometimes I wonder if I should be making an effort not to buy organic. This was mostly inspired by an episode of Bullshit! a few years back that pointed out that without chemicals and genetic engineering, there would be a whole lot less food grown - and that means a whole lot more people, especially in third-world countries, would starve to death (and MadAnthony, while kind of a jerk, tends to be against people starving to death).

I guess if customers want organic and are convinced it's better for them, Wal-Mart is probably doing the right thing by offering their customers what they want. I do wonder, however, how many of those customers have really thought about what organic is - and the impact that more of a movement to organic would have on food production and food supply, especially for poor or developing countries.


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