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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home, sweet home...

Well, I'm now officially a homeowner, and have been for the last 10 hours.

Settlement was a little more eventful than I would have prefered. I'm doing a CDA 40-year mortgage. The problem was that the loan documents that were sent over were for a 30-year. Initially, we thought that the loan was approved as a 30, which meant I wouldn't be able to settle today because they would have to be reprocessed. It turned out that the loan was approved correctly, the mortgage company just needed to redo the docs. There was also an issue with the carpet allowance the seller's gave - CDA doesn't like them. The initial plan was to leave them off and just have the seller cut me a check, but he didn't like that because then he would be getting more for the house and would have to pay capital gains tax. My realtor ended up having to write an adendum to the contract during closing changing it to closing costs. And then it became mine.

So I've already moved two carloads of stuff in. I also took a trip to Lowe's with one of my coworkers and his girlfriend, who actually has taste, to try to figure out what color to paint stuff. Most of it consisted of me saying I liked a color, and her saying it was too dark. I did buy two samplers, and I have to admit they did look darker on the walls than they did on the paint chips, so she does know her stuff.

So now I get to spend the long weekend painting and moving. Whee!


At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, congrats!


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