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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why would a republican like rap?

I was talking to a coworker a couple days ago who remarked that it was odd that that a registered Republican such as myself would listen to rap music, given that rappers tend to be very liberal politically.

This isn't the first time that someone has found it odd that I like rap. I still remember in college a girl I was friends with remarking that it was surprising that "a nice guy like you listens to music like this." The remark may stick in my mind more because of the fact that no guy likes to have a girl call them a nice guy, since it pretty much means you will never see them naked, than because of it's content.

But it raises the question - why does a white boy who was raised on the less-than-mean suburban streets of central New Jersey listen to rap music?

The first reason is that I admire the skills of rappers. There are some truly great rhymes in rap songs. I also am a big fan of freestyles - when rappers make up raps off the top of their head, frequently while competing against another rapper. When someone can come up with a great line like "the only time you see beef is when you go to Burger King" or "I got fans accross the country, Jin is who they feelin', the last time you had a fan it was spinnin' on the ceiling", it's hard not to admire their poetic skills and fast thinking.

But the other reason I listen to rap is the fantasy angle. I'm not big in the streets, I don't have "a house so big I need a shuttle to the kitchen", and I've never, nor will I ever, roll in an Escalade on 24" rims. Ho's do not, in fact, want to get with me, and I'd rather have a Diet Mountain Dew than a bottle of Moet. I'm not really sure I would even want to live that sort of lifestyle. But it's nice to pretend. Listening to people sing about the rap lifestyle is appealing because it's the exact opposite of the kind of lifestyle I live.

There is something almost conservative and republican about rap - the unabashed pursuit of money. True, it's more likely to be from selling drugs than from hard work and good investments, but I like to think that there is a little bit of hustler in me. I may not be on a corner selling coke, but I am on eBay selling computer parts and electronics, and I rarely pass up a chance to make money, be it by flipping computer parts or working overtime or taking advantage of some sort of freebie or deal I found on FatWallet. So I like to think that I'm always on my grind, even if my grind isn't the drug game.

If you don't agree, feel free to holla at me. But I don't want no drama.


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