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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why didn't it occur to me to get a credit card at age 4?

For my homebuying counseling session next week, I needed to order a credit report with FICO score. I got one from myFICO (MadAnthony's money saving tip - if you need a credit report or fico score, google "myfico coupon" and you should be able to save 20%).

I have a decent score - mid 700's - but the report comes with a bunch of comments on things you have done right and reasons your credit report wasn't higher. I only had one negative - length of time opened. It pointed out that my credit history was shorter than average, because the average credit report is 22 years old.

So if I really wanted to have a higher score, I would have needed to open my first credit account at age 4. Stupid me, I waited until I turned 18.

I know, it's just an average, and I can't imagine it's that big a factor. But it still struck me as kind of funny.


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