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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scenes from work, paparazzi edition

Coworker 1: The price of cameras with vibration reduction has really come down. The original ones were close to $5000. They were mostly bought by paparazzi because they could use them to get good pictures while chasing celebrities.

Coworker 2: Except then if you caught up to Tom Cruise, he'd take your camera and smash it. And then start telling you about scientology.

Coworker 3: Well, I can't blame him for not liking the paparazzi. I mean, they won't let you have any privacy.

Mad Anthony: I don't know. I can't feel too bad for them. They make millions, and the publicity that they get from constantly being in the news helps them make those millions.

Coworker 3: But if you are someone like Tom Cruise, you can't really live your life. You get no privacy.

Mad Anthony: But if you are Tom Cruise, you also get to bang Katie Holmes silly. I'd give up my privacy for that.

Coworker 3: Me too.


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