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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A MadAnthony DVD review - Slasher!..

I like to buy movies, because I always feel that people should have a good collection of movies so that they always have something to watch when they have a free evening at home. That would work better if I actually had free time - I have a ton of DVD's I've bought because I got a good deal on them but have yet to take out of the shrink wrap.

But I was reading a message board last week and someone was talking about $88 cars, and another poster mentioned the movie Slasher,
which is a documentary about a guy who runs those "slashing prices" sales, complete with $88 beaters and toy chainsaws.

I ordered a copy, and it came in today. It was kind of slow at work, and I had a PC I was working on on my desk, so I popped it into my G5 and watched it on the 20" cinema display while I worked.

It was pretty good. It could have been longer, and it had the tendency to skip parts, but it was interesting. You see all the tricks that car salesmen do to move cars - if you've ever read an article like Confessions of a Car Salesman you are familiar with the tricks, but it's interesting to see them in action.

And the people they portray are very interesting - you aren't sure if you want to root for the Slasher because he works hard and loves his work or root against him because he's kind of a jerk and wants to convince people to buy POS cars. And you feel bad for his customers, but at the same time wonder because they aren't the brightest light bulbs on the Christmas tree. One $88 car buyer (spoiler ahead) has her car pretty much blow up when she gets home. On one hand, you feel bad because she's talking about how much she needs a car to get to work while she's driving home. On the other hand, you look at what she's wearing - everything designer, SouthPole shirt, Kangol hat, ect - and wonder if part of the reason she can't afford a car is her poor budgeting.

After seeing salespeople in action, I think I'm going to buy my next car from CarsDirect so I don't have to deal with salespeople.


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