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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ticketed for a messy room, part deux..

Here's where I stand right now on the letter from Baltimore City about the possibilty of me being fined $500 a day for having a messy room.

I spoke to my landlord on Friday afternoon. He suggested I call the inspector up and clarify what exactly I have to do. He was also concerned because he's leaving the country for the next couple months in a few days, and isn't a big fan of having inspectors around when he's not.

So I called her, resisting the urge to curse her out. After telling me all about Baltimore City housing codes, she told me that the two things that she really didn't like were that 1)I had a bunch of boxes behind my bed and that "kind of trashy stuff attracts mice" and 2)I had wires running accross the room and she "could have tripped over them".

Well, she would have to worry about tripping over the I've had those wires there for two-plus years and haven't tripped over them (although I did once fall in the shower - I hope they don't ban showers for that).

The boxes she refers to were a bunch of priority flats and old cardboard boxes I stored in the foot-wide space between my headboard and the wall. I use them for eBay.

So she's coming tomorrow morning while I'm at work to reinspect (the landlord is letting her in). I hope I pass and this annoying chapter of my life is over. If not, I'm going to go nuts. I moved a ton of stuff into the basement (much of will be getting ebayed or taken to hamfest in the next two months - some of it is on eBay already). If it's not, I don't really know what to do - I'm out of places to stash stuff...


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