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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Don't kill your TV....

I've written about how stupid the TV-B-Gone is. Julian Sanchez mentions it Reason's Hit and Run in conjunction with National Tv Turnoff Week.

One of the best defenses of TV was written by Lileks last year.

I have a problem with people who catagorize all TV as bad. Sure, there is some crap on TV, and if all you do in your life is sit in front of the TV drinking beer and eating Fritos, you should consider picking up some hobbies.

But I watch a lot of TV. Well, that's not really true. I have tv programs playing a lot off my RePlay - but I'm usually doing other stuff, like reading blogs, posting on this blog, checking my email, writing item descriptions and editing pictures for stuff I'm posting on eBay, eating dinner, folding laundry, cleaning my room, ect. There are a couple shows I really like that I will take the time to sit down and watch while avoiding distractions- HBO's The Wire and Veronica Mars come to mind - but most of the time I'm half watching TV while doing something else. I'm not sure how what I would be doing otherwise while doing those things - like listening to rap music - is any better.

I don't read as much as I used to and that's something I want to change. But some days when I come home from work or class or whatever, I don't want to think - I want to escape. That's why one of my favorite shows was the late, much-maligned Fastlane - sure, it was escapist hot-chick-hot-car-rap-music-stuff=blowing-up fare - but sometimes you want that.


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