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Friday, November 19, 2004

Great ad placement, guys...

While reading an article about Novell suing Microsoft for the failure of WordPerfect, I noticed a rather interesting juxtaposition of advertising that I had to take a screenshot of - an ad for Windows Media Player 10 next to the article on the MS lawsuit.

For what it's worth, the lawsuit strikes me as bull. It claims that Microsoft wrote Windows to break WordPerfect, as well as having advantages since they developed Windows, and that is why MS Office is the most popular office productivity program in the world, while about 3 people still use WordPerfect (and they all work where I do, and call the Helpdesk to complain that they miss it and hate Word).

It seems hard to believe that millions of other pieces of software get written by people and companies who also don't have access to the Windows source code, and work fine, but WordPerfect couldn't. I also think that WordPerfect failed because it had an unpleasant interface and a tendancy to shit the bed on a regular basis and need to be reinstalled.


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