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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Are tech people liberal?

WSJ/OpinionJournal's Best of The Web for today starts off with a professor who thinks that a reversal of the Roe V Wade decision would help "blue" states like Conneticut. The idea is that without Roe V Wade, abortion would be up to the states, and socially liberal people tend to be well educated, the ranks of technology workers and creative types could swell here. And that, clearly, would be a boon for the state's vibrancy and prosperity

As Tarantino properly points out, it's hard to imagine abortion being so important an issue to people that they would settle in a state because of it - it would be pretty easy to drive to an abortion-legal state to get an abortion if you need one, then drive home.

Do you notice, though, that whole "liberals are smarter than conservatives" thing they've managed to slip in? It brings back memories of the whole Bush and Kerry IQ debate. I'll grant that liberals tend to be more "creative", but there are only so many people one can employ to create art out of poop. When it comes to creativity at making money, I think conservatives and moderates do pretty well. As far as technology, I would disagree that libs hold some kind of monopoly in tech.

I work in tech support for a college, and many of employees would be described as conservative or moderate. We're probably the best-armed department in the college, based on the number of gun owners and enthusists. I guess you could argue that a college isn't an accurate gauge of tthe attitude ofech people, and my college tends to be more conservative/moderate than many, but general wisdom would suggest academia tends to be liberal, so it does seem interesting that we have so many conservatives.


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