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Thursday, August 05, 2004

When diversity attacks...

Well known linker InstaPundit (aka Glenn Reynolds) is taking heat from certain left wing bloggers for having the nerve to wear a pro-gun shirt.

The shirt parodies the left's views on diversity by showing a bunch of guns and the words celebrate diversity. A pretty straightforward pun on the varity of guns out there. But apparently, since a different version of the shirt has colors on it, and colors are popular in Africa, Glenn must be advocating using guns to kill black people, and thus should be fired.

The funny things is that reading the comments on steve's blog you would think Glenn Reynolds was somewhere to the right of the Christian coalition, when he's pretty middle of the road. He's come in against Ashcroft's war on porn, Bush's KASS council on bioethics and the Federal Marriage Ammendment, among other things. But if you like guns and dislike affirmative action, and are willing to poke fun at the latter with the former, you are automatically a racist.

Despite Steve's claims that he doesn't want Glenn fired, I can't think of any reason to write to UTenn. And when liberals are so concerned about diversity, why do they want to eliminate what is probably one of the few conservative voices in a university?

I also think that it was funny that Steve and/or his commentors complained about Glenn running a blog during work hours. Never mind that he's a professor and thus doesn't HAVE any specific work hours beyond class and whatever office hours he is required to have. As a professor, he's probably juged mostly on what he publishes, not clocking in and out. And as an employee of a college, I have to say that professors are given wide latitude for what they can do with college property.


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