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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Holy crap, I'm somewhere to the right of Michelle Malkin...

My politcal compass results have been posted at the Blogosphere Political Compass Project.

I was kind of surprised to notice that my results put me to the right (and slightly more libertarian) than well-known coservative hottie Michelle Malkin. I'm at 7.4 conservative, -05 libertarian, she's at 6.8,0.

I realize that the conservative label is more economic than anything else and that I'm very conservative from an econ perspective, more liberal socially.

I only picked Michelle because she's a conservative blogger I read regularly, so I was familiar with her positions. It is really interesting to see where bloggers rank, so I encourge any blogger who hasn't done it to submit their results (scroll down for instructions). The more data, the more interesting comparisions you can make.


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