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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A few pics from Indy....

I didn't get to take a whole lot of pics in Indy - I didn't do much exciting there, and while I passed some stuff driving that would have been nice to get pics of, it was hard to while doing 80mph. But there are a couple I thought were worth posting:

Sherrill's Eat and Get Gas - totally the best name ever for a restaurant and gas station. It's on Rt 31 north, probably about 15 miles out of Indianapolis.

Fry's, Fisher Indiana - totally the most awesome electronics and computer store ever. They sell everything from the usual computers/monitors/tv's/vidoe games/accessories to appliances, office furniture and supplies, components, ham radio supplies, video surveillance equipment, and pretty much anything else with a plug. I really hope they keep expanding East.

The Pyramids. The office complex where the training center was. Not sure when it was built, but it is one of the most distinctive suburban office complexes I've ever seen...


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