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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Single in a cruel city....

So I was on a message board I usually read yesterday, and someone posted a link to the Are You Experienced? quiz.

Mad Anthony's score? 64. The text included "Average, lukewarm, vanilla. Women hardly notice you." Which describes my life to a T. Although I'm fairly sure that it has nothing to do with the can of Axe sitting on my dresser.

So yup, still single. That New Year's resolution isn't going too far.

I did post an ad on okCupid. I got one response, but she was just looking for advice on buying a house.

I can't say I've put a whole lot of effort into it - I haven't replied to any ads. I always find some reason to talk myself out of it - too fat, too skinny, too young, too old, likes watching sports. And I haven't put any other ads up on other sites, partly because I'm cheap, and partly because I have no reason to think it's going to be any more succesful.

I had one, umm, interesting experience, this week. I was leaving a bar I grab dinner at on Fridays last week. While I'm headed out the door, I hear a voice. It's a women who works in another department where I work. I talk to her for a couple minutes, and then leave. When I get to my truck, my coworker who came with me goes "Dude, you probably could have hit that". She was kind of cute, and she did seem very friendly. Maybe there's hope for me after all.

So I'm back at the bar this week, and the grandmotherly women (well, grandmotherly if your grandmother occasionally curses and hands you pints of Yeungling) who owns/runs the place mentions that the bartender saw me talking to this women, and that I should stay away because she's, well, nuts. Evidently she's a bit of a nympho and would pretty much hook up with a ham sandwich.

So there goes my brief sense of thrill that someone of the opposite sex is interested in me. I guess it's good - I dodged a bullet. While hooking up randomly might be briefly satisfying, it's probably more trouble than it's worth, what with STD's and work awkwardness.

It does seem to confirm what I've always feared, though... any woman who would be interested in me would have to be crazy....


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