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Sunday, February 18, 2007

And then his computer asplode....

So my main windows machine finally died this morning.

It's a home-build Athlon 1800+ that I built in May of 2002, so I knew it was on borrowed time, and I was planning on building a new machine this summer - but it looks like I'll be building it sooner. I already have a couple parts (case, power supply, dvd burner) from varous deals, but I still need to buy the expensive stuff - motherboard, processor, ram, serial ATA hard drive.

I don't usually turn it off, because I usually am downloading stuff in the background. It's been noisy lately though, and I didn't have anything downloading, so I turned it off last night. And I couldn't turn it on this morning - originally it would turn on, show the BIOS screen and then turn off. After a couple tries, it would turn on but not display anything.

I actually have a second windows machine - a Cisnet Celeron 3.06 that I got for $200 after rebate last year during one of CompUSA's midnight madness sales. I've been using it mostly for watching TV and listening to music, but I hooked it up as my main machine. Now I need to dig up my copies of office and acrobat writer so I can actually use it (I didn't install either because I didn't use it for documents), and I need to buy an external drive enclosure for the main drive of my old PC so I can grab stuff off it (luckily, I have a usb to ide converter from when I migrated my parent's old computer, so I can grab stuff off the old drives if I need to).

Why are things never simple in my life?


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

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At 11:56 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ah the sweet sweet sound of an Athlon commiting suicide.I don't exactly know why but I found this post a nice distraction from my studying for 2 midterms tomorrow. I think my catharsis might be in part due to the comfort I take in knowing that not all processors die from me squashing them with heat sinks. Cya Friday!


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