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Thursday, December 18, 2008

madanthony predicts the online holidy season...

I'm predicting that online sales this holiday season will be strong, despite concerns about the economy.

I'm basing this not on any careful analysis, but on the fact that I got a knock on my door tonight at 8:25. When I went outside, my new 24" LCD monitor and the receiver that my parents and I are splitting as my brother's Christmas present was sitting their, and a FedEx truck was idling in the lot of my townhouse complex, presumably delivering to other people on my court.

So obviously they are delivering a ton of stuff. Who knows if the value will be as high as in previous years, but it seems like the volume is enough to keep them running late.

And the new monitor? Freakin' huge. It's really nice, but it's almost overkill, since web pages end up having a ton of white space. And I need a better chair, one that I can lean back in. And it makes my secondary monitor - a 19" non-widescreen LG FLatron that seemed huge 3+ years ago - seem tiny and dim.


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