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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election night...

So I'm at Casa De Mad, in the living room, sitting on my cat-clawed Ikea couch, with the MacBook Pro on my lap and switching between Fox News and CNN on my LCD TV.

I'm also on my second glass of Charles Shaw (AKA 2 buck Chuck) Sauvingnon Blanc. I don't drink very often, but now seems like a good time to.

Do I think McCain is going to win? Probably not. But it does seem like there are a number of states that are too close to call, and that suggests that not everyone has drank the Obama kool-aid, and that maybe the far left of the Democrat party won't get it's way and that things may swing back in the next few years. And given that Obama is running against a party whose sitting president who has a 27% approval rating and that the popular view in the media is that we are currently in the worst economic downturn in 70 years, the fact that McCain is somewhere near to being in the race is awesome and suggests to me that the Republicans aren't going away.

If I keep drinking the way I am, I might be passing out before the concession speech, though.


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