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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things I would rather spend $1652 on than the front end of a Cavalier..

So I got a call back from the woman I hit on Saturday. She got an estimate. $1652. She's going to get a second estimate, and I'll probably just pay the body shop.

I still think I'm better off not going through insurance. I have no idea what effect filing a claim would have on my rates, but my understanding is that if I call them to ask them, they could treat it as a claim and raise my rates. Plus, you supposed to report accidents to them within a certain amount of time, and since I've probably exceeded that time, they could drop me for that. Plus, I figure I should save actually filing a claim if I ever have a more serious accident and really need the insurance coverage. And maybe on some level, if this hurts me enough in the wallet, I'll actually become a less shitty driver.

Knowing my luck, they will find something else wrong with the car and it will wind up being way more than the estimate.

I realize this was completely my fault, and given the way I drive, it's surprising I've gone this long without causing anyone serious damage. Still, it's frustrating how much damage I managed to cause in a few seconds inattention at 2mph in reverse.

And I can't help think of a whole bunch of things I could spend $1652 on:

-one mortgage payment, plus an extra hundred something dollars for home improvements of some sort.

- 413 gallons of $4 regular unleaded gas

- a very nice flat panel TV

- 12 minutes or so (which is probably more than I'd need) with Kristen.

- 6 Nintendo Wii game consoles, plus a Wii Fit

- 1652 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers from the Wendy's dollar menu

- 244 bags of Purina One Kitten Chow for Nibbler, my attack kitten

- About $50 short of the cost of a 24" iMac with the ed discount (which is actually something I've wanted for a while to replace the $200 Celeron that I'm currently blogging on)


At 12:59 AM, Blogger Muneer said...

You probably already made up your mind, but this is why you have insurance. The whole teaching a lesson is bullshit, due to the fact that you obviously have the state of mind that it was a bad accident, and you will try to not do it again.

Just submit it to insurance. And if they jack you up, that is when you know you are being fucked and time to switch agents. State farm and Allstate, the 2 respectable insurers, have first accident forgiveness.


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