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Monday, March 03, 2008

Missed another grand closing...

When I found out CompUSA was closing, I vowed that I would be there for the last days, when the best deals are usually to be found. Last year, when Radio Shack closed a bunch of locations, I just missed getting there on the last day, when they were evidently selling stuff for $10/bag - and I ran into a guy at a hamfest who bought pretty much the entire inventory of the store I used to go to.

But I managed to drop the ball on CompUSA too. I went there a couple times, but there weren't any good deals to be had - but there was quite a bit of stuff that I kept thinking "that would be a good deal if they keep dropping the percent off.

Well, it turns out yesterday was the last day for CompUSA, and I missed it. A few people on FatWallet reported good deals - fifty cent routers, free fixtures, ect.

The irony is that I was actually thinking about stopping in this weekend - i figured I'd go every weekend until they were gone - but I was asked to come in to work Sunday, and so I didn't get a chance to go.

Well, at least I probably made more in overtime than I would have made reselling anything from there - and I have no shortage of inventory cluttering up my house, as it is, thanks to the Record and Tape Traders auction I went to a couple weeks ago - this is just the video game stuff, which I still need to test, sort, clean up, write descriptions for, and list on eBay. I've got more boxes of cables, modems, POS stuff, and more that I need to deal with too.


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