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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Summer(like) in the city....

So yesterday morning was warm. Like 60 degrees warm. Like springtime warm. Like leave the jacket in the office and roll up the sleeves warm.

There is something about a 60 degree day, especially a 60 degree day in mid-February, that makes the world seem better. It makes it seem like there is hope, not just for better weather, but better times in general. There's light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel. Good weather just makes people seem happier, reminds you of slower and sometimes easier times of youth.

It gives hope. Maybe those communications I got from women on eHarmony will turn into something- and even if not, at least my profile isn't totally unappealing, so there is hope for the future. Maybe I'll eventually get promoted to a job where I actually feel challenged. Maybe I can walk outside one day in shorts and a t-shirt.

Of course, by yesterday night, it was 40 degrees, rainy, and with a bit of a cold breeze. So maybe the lesson isn't to read too much into freaky winter weather.


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