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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Someday, I hope to be able to enter my house via the front door...

So someday I'm hoping that I can get my front door replaced. I didn't realize that having a front door installed takes as much planning and scheduling as a space shuttle launch, and is only slightly cheaper. I figured I would go in, order a door, and have it scheduled to be installed a few days later. Nope.

Went to Lowe's on Thursday. Turns out they need to measure the door before they would write up an estimate. So I pay them $35 so a guy can measure my door and confirm that it is, in fact, a standard size front door.

Go back today to write up the estimate. Originally it was $1082. Turns out that doesn't include paint - when I asked if the door was painted, the guy said "no" in a tone of voice that suggested I'd asked if I could go take pee in isle three (lighting and light fixures). Turns out if I wanted the door painted white, that was extra. And if I wanted a color, I'd have to wait even longer and get a quote. And if I want a door jamb that doesn't have to be painted, it costs even more.

So the final tally so madanthony can enter his house from the front door? $1355, about half of it being labor. And there is a three week turnaround time - it probably won't be done until the week of November 26th. I'm hoping it actually is that week, because the week before and after I'm not going to be around...

Things madanthony rather spend $1355 on than a new door?

  • 1355 junior bacon cheeseburgers
  • 4 payments on the Ranger, plus 4 tanks of gas
  • a very nice plasma TV
  • a mortgage payment
  • a 20" iMac
  • most of a year's worth of groceries

Well, I guess the old door that came with my house was there when they built it 29 years ago (since most of the other houses have the same door). So if I get another 30 years out of this door, it works out to like $50 a year. Still, I hate to spend this much all at once on something that doesn't give a whole lot of pleasure or get noticed - nobody looking at buying a house says "wow, I liked house #2 because of the door". But I can't really see replacing the knob on my banged-up, badly painted current door, so I guess paying off my truck loan early will have to wait...


At 6:02 PM, Blogger Muneer said...


Buy a door for $400 (that's how much I paid last year for a very nice door at Menard's, a midwest chain much like Lowe's) and have a handyman install it for $200 and likely less. Look in the phonebook or call Handyman Connection. (Someone local is cheaper than Handyman Connection though)

At 6:57 PM, Blogger mad anthony said...

Well, the door itself, even including painting, was only around $300. The rest includes the storm door, doorjamb, new hardware, and installation.

I did try contacting a few friends of friends, but they were all busy. I probably could have found someone cheaper to install it, but kind of wanted to get it done ASAP and without having to vet a bunch of handy-people.


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