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Sunday, September 16, 2007

When the stars make you drool...

I've been trying to cook more of late - I enjoy it, and while I wouldn't say I'm great at it, I suck less at it than I do at, say, wood carving. Plus, you can't eat wood carvings, while you need to eat food. Plus, if I ever find a woman who will talk to me, I can impress her with my mad saute-ing skills

So I've been making a point on Sunday evenings to try cook something. Nothing elaborate - a few weeks ago I made saurkraut, and last week I made that madanthony standby, sausage and peppers. Tonight I made Pasta Fagiol. It follows the traditional madanthony cooking formula - fry some stuff in olive oil (in this case, fresh garlic) and mix it with some other stuff (in this case, tomato sauce, pasta, cannenilli beans, and some Italian Seasoning). It's just like how my mom makes, except I used small shells instead of diatalini.

It came out good, and now I have dinner for the next couple nights as well.

that's amore!


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