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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Faster, pussycat, kill. Kill!

And now, for some kitty pics:

lets go kitty fishing

she doesn't seem interested in the bait

I think we got a bite

aww, I think she's undersized. throw her back!

Poor Opposum doesn't know what's in store for it

Kitty gonna eat the whole thing

And if you are wondering how Nibbler is doing, pretty good. She still has a bunch of bad habits I hope she grows out of - she likes to bite (I've been trying to give her toys and tell her not to bite, like she understands English), she likes to climb up me (and I have a ton of claw marks on my stomach to prove it), she likes to climb on my dining room table when I'm eating dinner (but my food does look better than hers), and if I'm in one of the rooms she's not allowed in (bedroom, because I can't sleep with her jumping on me, and office, because she likes to pull on wires, and I've got like 4 computers hooked up) she sits outside and meows sadly, then bum-rushes the door when I try to leave.

But she does enough cute things to make it worthwhile - she likes to climb on my lap and rub her head on the bottom of my goatee, she follows me around up and down the stairs, she chases her tail, and she occasionally takes a catnap on my lap.


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