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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I was hoping it would be Ham-tastic, but it kind of ham-sucked...

I had high hopes for the Hagerstown Hamfest last Sunday. Sure, it's in left bumblefark, but I figured it would be worth the hour and a half drive to the middle of nowhere. After all, I kind of like driving, and I hadn't sold since February, so I had some inventory and little cash. Plus this hamfest featured an auction, covered tailgating, and the possibility of a different group of buyers and sellers than the closer ones.

BSOM didn't have anything to sell, so at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday I picked him up in the Ranger, bed full of Rubbermaid containers full of random computer parts (and some airport-seized leatherman tools I bought on eBay), I drove RT 70 to the middle of nowhere.

Covered tailgating turned out to be a large pavillion. I backed the truck up at the edge and set up my table of crap inside the pavillion. This seemed like a great idea - I'd keep dry if it rained.

Except it didn't rain. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. What there was, however, was a mighty wind, to the point that I dug out a pair of gloves from the Ranger. I didn't have a lot of customers. Most of the other sellers set outside, which was a wise idea - they at least got some sun. All I got was wind, to the point that I ended up sitting 4 feet away outside so I would at least get some sun.

I didn't buy anything (except a pork sandwich and a really weak cup of coffee). BSOM, on the other hand, bought a Commadore, some Radio Shack chips, and about 50 9 volt power supplies.

I ended up grossing $196. I also ended up with a sore nose and a slight case of windburn.

We did end up stopping at the Prime Outlet Mall. I bought a couple shirts - and a $25 refurbished Black and Decker electric weed wacker, something I actually needed to trim around Casa De Mad - and a lunch of mediocre Chinese food. In the food court, BSOM found a stacker machine, threw in a couple bucks - and won a Nintendo Advanced. Lucky bastard.

I did take my camera, but didn't take any pics - I was too busy curled into a fetal position wimpering about the wind.


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