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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mad Anthony's new iToy...

So last week, my boss was talking about how he felt the college I work for should buy a new laptop for him to use - so I mentioned that I felt that I would greatly increase my ability to support intel-based Macs if I had one of the new MacBooks that had just come out.

So he talked to his boss and got it approved - and I'm now the proud user of a 13" widescreen MacBook dual-core with a gig of ram and a sleek black finish.

My previous, personally-purchased laptop is/was a 12" Apple Powerbook 866. The MacBook is much nicer - the screen is way better, and much tougher, and I like the fact that it's widescreen. The remote and FrontRow are a nice touch, although I wonder how long it will be before I lose it - and I would have loved if Apple made the remote and power supply black to match the rest of the MacBook. It does match my black iPod Nano perfectly, though. The built-in iSight is a nice touch, and integrates smoothly.

Of course, I had to install BootCamp on it. Being able to run Windows on a Mac laptop is a huge bonus. I used my Powerbook mostly to take to my night MBA classes (mostly to kill time surfing the web before class) and with me traveling to my parent's house, and while it was rarely an issue, every now and then I wanted to run a piece of Windows-only software and couldn't.

Of course, it also demonstrated the perils of Windows. After installing BootCamp, partitioning the drive, and installing XP, I installed all the Windows updates, and then installed Symantec AV Corporate 10 - which promptly discovered Trojan.Adclicker. Yup, in the time it took to install the patches, I caught a virus. Darn Windows security.

I hope to take some pics later and update this post - haven't gotten a chance to yet.

And if you know anyone who is in the market for a gently-used 12" Powerbook G4, let me know....


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