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Sunday, June 04, 2006

A bit of cognative dissonance...

So I was behind a car on my way back from the gym today, driving down Falls Road, when the two bumper stickers on the mid-90's Chrysler Concord made me do a double take. Luckily, I had my camera phone (the LG VX8100) with me. Unfortunatly, it doesn't take great pictures...

here's the pic.

The red bumper sticker on the left says "Keep your doctor in Maryland. Stop lawsuit abuse." The sticker on the right is a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker.

Yup. A person who is concerned enough about medical malpractice lawsuit abuse to display a bumper sticker, but not concerned enough not to display a sticker advocating Edwards, who is a trial lawyer best known for suing doctors claiming that botched deliveries caused cerebral palsy - something that some have argued doesn't have much of a scientific basis.

It amazes me when people don't see a connection between, say, more government programs and higher taxes, and can't understand why they can't have more goverment programs, but still gripe at their tax bill. But it's rare that you see an example of this thinking so clearly.

Then again, the white bumper sticker on the top of that Concorde was for HomeStarRunner, so they can't be that bad...


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