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Friday, March 17, 2006

The Bearded Man...

At lunch on tuesday, we somehow got on the subject of facial hair. I mentioned that I'd thought of growing something, and a couple of my coworkers thought I should grow a full beard.

So I'm giving it a try. I've always wanted to grow some sort of facial hair, but after a couple days I've always given up and shaved it all off. I think this is actually a record for me - I haven't shaved since Monday morning.

I'm kind of curious what I would look like with a full beard. I don't think it would look that bad, but it's always that middle stage that's the worst - where you have enough facial hair that it's obvious that you haven't shaved in a while, but not enough that one can tell that it's intentional and not just that you are lazy. Right now, I look sort of like a homeless drunk - even more than normal.

I don't know if I'll grow it out all the way. I might give up and shave it all off - I do tend to give up on things a lot - or I might leave a mustache or a goatee.

I may take some pics at some point and post them. Or I may not.


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