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Friday, November 04, 2005

Using race to hide the issues...

Jeff at PW has a good summary of the Steele debate - ie, is it OK for Dems to basically label conservative African-Americans like Steele as "race traitors" because they don't hold the majority political view, and then argue that it's OK because of their race? (My answer would be no).

But the biggest problem I have with dismissing someone's views because of their race is that it ignores the real debate. The argument the Left has been making is that Steele is a race traitor because he is a Republican and Republicans are bad for African Americans. What the Dems don't seem to be saying is WHY being Republican is bad for African-Americans.

And it would seem that if this was a questions that the Dems had a clear, sellable answer to, then they would be answering the question instead of tossing Oreos at a Lt. Governor. My opinion is that African Americans, like any other group, are not homogeneous, and that there are some members who would benefit or prefer from policies touted by the left and some would prefer those of the right. I think that there are some policies (school choice, lower taxes, the disgust by many on the right with Kelo, faith-based initiatives) would benefit many African-Americans.

The fact that the left seems to want to use racism to duck the debate over WHY they think being Republican and African American is a bad thing by basically saying it should just be assumed seems to me to be an indicator that they are a little nervous what the answer might be. African Americans vote Democrat by something like a 10 to 1 margin, so Dems have little to gain and a lot to lose if a few African-Americans start asking the question and don't like the answers they get.


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