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Saturday, October 29, 2005

What? There is stuff that isn't online....

One of the classes I'm taking has a bunch of Harvard business school case studies. They had hard copies available at the bookstore, but our professor said they would also be available online from Harvard. Me and the internet go way back, so I figured I would just download them from Harvard's site.

That worked for the first two - they were available as "sealed media" files - sort of a DRM (copywrite protected) PDF. But the third one wasn't. And since I figured it would be, it's now Saturday and I don't have the case, and the class is Monday night.

I emailed the professor, and she's pretty nice, so she'll probably let me slide and read and write on it next week or whenever I get my hands on it, and she might be able to get me a copy of it. I haven't heard from her yet though.

This is horrible timing - I had no time other than today to get it done - Hamfest plans tomorrow, and work Monday.

Why wouldn't Harvard put it online? It's a tech-related case, and I can't imagine that I was the only person who needed it and couldn't get it. Their DRM is pretty tight, so it seems hard to believe it's copywrite - and heck, they will send you a paper copy, which you can easily make copies of anyway.



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