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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Testing, one two...

I have a test on tuesday - ie the day after tomorrow - in one of my classes. I should be studying now, but I'm blogging instead while I wait for the water to boil for spagehetti. I'm on the Powerbook in the main kitchen and I'm getting a signal from my bedroom, two stories up - so I guess my Cantenna attached to my old, refurbed d-link router works pretty well.

I hate tests. I think it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I never know if I've studied enough, so I always feel the need to keep studying. At least with papers, you have written guidelines - a certain number of pages, covering a certain topic. It's easy to know when you are done. With a test, it's not the amount of work or the result that marks your completion as far as test prep goes - it's time, when the day of the test rolls around.

I started studying thursday night, took off friday and spent some time studying. Did a little today, hope to do a little more tomorrow night. I'll probably go straight from work to the grad center (with a quick coffee stop in between) and try to cram that last hour of right-before=the-test cramming in.

And I have no idea how I will do. Multiple choice, 90 questions in 90 minutes. Sample test looks broad, and question wording looks puzzling. I'm not looking forward to this, although I am looking forward to being done with this....

and I think my water's boiling...


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