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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Why do I always hurt the ones I love?

I have a router I really can't stand - a D-Link. Every now and then it crashes, usually right when I really want to get online. The router is in my landlord's room, and it always seems to crap out when he's asleep...

It crapped out this morning, and now it's not giving me the static IP I need for my eMule settings to work - and no matter what I do, I can't get it to give me the right IP.

So I vented my frustration by repetedly hitting my poor keyboard, thinking "wow, I love this keyboard - it really takes abuse". It's a Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard - solid, nice feel, nifty volume controls, and the MS Split keys. Plus, it's like a $40 keyboard, but I got it for $10 after rebate.

Then I went to type something - and noticed the tab key was missing. I looked all over the floor and can't find it. So now I'm using a logitch media keyboard - and hitting the wrong keys because I've gotten used to the split keys. Plus, it feels kinda cheap compared to MS Natural.

I need to learn to control my freakin' temper.


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