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Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Jersey, new stuff, ect...

I'm actually in NJ right now - I've been here since Thursday. I had some vacation and personal time to use up, and I feel bad that I rarely see my parents anymore, so I took off Thursday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and drove up. I basically get a week off but only use 3 vacation days, so it works out.

I've been doing some bonding with the 'rents - we drove out to PA today and toured the Yeungling Brewery in Pottsville, and tomorrow we're going out to Reading to hit up the outlets. Beer and cheap shopping - two of Mad Anthony's favorite things.

In totally unrelated news, I've stumbled on another site similar to w00t and the late . It's called midnightBox. I just paid $5.86 for something. I don't know what. If you remeber, it's closer to that in that the price changes - but while dropped the price until it sold out, midnightBox raises the price - and tells you more about the product.

I love buying random crap that I don't know what I'm buying. I recently ordered 4 sets of mystery bags from Yak Pak and 3 random shirts from thinkgeek. I did the tupperware mystery box as well, but wasn't too thrilled with what I got. And of course, the w00t box of crap, which has given me more priority pucks than I could ever need.

MidnightBox does have kind of crappy shopping cart software though - I could not get it to change my default address. I had initially set it to use my billing address, but it uses the default address for shipping, and I use my work address for shipping since I live in the city and my neighbors will jack my shit if I get it delivered home. I ended up having to create another account, and luckily it will let you change your billing address, but oddly enough not your shipping address - which is the reverse of pretty much every other website I've every bought from - and I buy loads of shit online.


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