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Friday, May 06, 2005

I've got to be at work in 5 and a half hours...

And yet I'm awake right now. I made the mistake of "laying down for a few minutes" when I came home last night, which turned into a 3.5 hour nap - meaning I got none of the things I expected to get done done.

And now I'm not all that tired. Plus, woot is having a woot-off (new item every time one sells out), and I don't want to miss it. Never mind that I am staying up to buy stuff that I don't need and don't even want. Damn, they know how to market...

I'm going to be regretting this in a few hours - especially since I'm working a 14 hour day tomorrow because there is a night final. This will bring me mad overtime, if I can stay awake...


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