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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I wasn't going anyway, but now it's because of political reasons..

I've talked about the Loyola/ Guliani commencement speaker kerfuffle long before it was cool. Well, it's over, and there were all of 5 to 10 protesters there. Not exactly shocking - they were making a big deal about protesting at the college, basically in front of the building I work, and I saw exactly one protester during the two weeks that this was going on (and that was on a Saturday when I happened to be driving down Charles St to go home).

Cardinal Keeler made a big deal that he wasn't coming (via Andrew Sullivan, who probably reads way more into it than he should). Never mind that he never said he was coming in the first place, and never was formally invited.

So inspired by his huge display of not going to something he wasn't going to anyway, I'm going to protest against Cuba by not going there, and protest against Hummers by not driving one.


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