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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hi, I'm Mad Anthony, and I'm a shopaholic....

I enjoy buying stuff. This time of the year seems popular for clearance sales in electronics, and I've snagged a bunch of stuff from various stores, mostly for eBay resale. In the last month or so, I've bought 5 external PC DVD burners, a set-top DVD burner, an MP3 player, a CD clock radio, 2 sets of binoculars with digital cameras, and the afformentioned digital camera.

But tonight's purchase is probably the oddest.


Yup, I am now the proud owner of 750 feet of Staples brand bubble wrap, for the oh-so-low price of $13.00. That's probably about $60 worth of wrap right there.

Someone had posted this on Fatwallet a couple days ago. I tried two Staples stores, but neither had it. I decided to swing by the Russel St Staples on my way back from class tonight, and they had 8 rolls in stock. They were pretty friendly too. They actually have a ton of clearance stuff, probably because most of their business is delivery and not retail - they are literally in an industrial park accross from Ravens Stadium, just outside Crackton.

So I guess I can control my spending - I could have bought all 8 rolls, which would have been 2800 feet of bubble wrap, which would have been nearly half a mile of bubble wrap. But instead I settled for a tenth of a mile worth. Not that I probably could have fit more than 4 rolls in my car, anyway.


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