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Saturday, April 30, 2005

So where is big brother, anyway...

I always find paranoia about businesses use of databases kind of ironic when it seems like so many companies don't bother using easily available information. Much of the marketing out there seems untargeted, and it seems like companies would get a better return on investment if they gathered some data about who they were pitching to and only pitched to those who might actually bite.

For example, yesterday I recieved a piece of junk mail from Working Assets. Working Assets is a long-distance phone company that gives part of their profits to left-wing charities. If I signed up, I would get a free pint of Ben and Jerry's a month for the next year.

The brochure had quotes about the great causes that Working Assets donates to, like Doctors without Borders and some peace group working for "disarmament" (I'm guessing of anyone but Saddam). These are the exact opposite of Mad Anthony's political ideas. Maybe sending this kind of pitch to a registered Republican was a bad idea.

But there is one other bit of info that is publically avilable and would suggest that Mad Anthony is not a good candidate for a long-distance service - I DON'T HAVE A HOME PHONE. I'm one of those crazy young people who relies on a cell phone for all my communication needs. So long distance is pretty useless. But it never occured to Working Ass..ets to check if the people they are mailing to have a home phone number.

On the plus side, the package did include a notepad (which I can use for taking notes at the next meeting of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) and some address labels (which I can use for sending my generous contributions to the Republican party)


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

before going with working assets read between the lines they are not what they appear to be


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